A Sign of Love Review

A Sign of Love

Video Review 
by Kathleen Kelly MacMillan, 
Maryland School for the Deaf

© 2003

A Sign of Love
Deaf and Hearing United 2002
VHS 35 min, closed-captioned, $26.50

Available from:
Lionel K. Harris, Jr.
Deaf and Hearing United, Inc.
104 E. 25th Street, Baltimore, MD 21218

[Grades 7 and higher] This straightforward sign language vocabulary video is hosted by Annette Pitts, deaf since the age of two. The presentation is divided into 8 sections: Manual Alphabet, Family and Relatives, In the House, School and Work, Emotions and Thoughts, Time, Life on the Street, and In the Church. Each section introduces 20-30 different signs, with each sign presented once along with a voiceover and on-screen gloss in English. Following each section is a quiz in which Pitts signs 8-10 signs in random order and the viewer must identify them. Pitts is a friendly and appealing host, and she signs slowly and clearly enough to soothe the nerves of even the most nervous beginner. The biggest issue for libraries will be the "Life on the Street" section, which unexpectedly mixes such gritty vocabulary as "heroin", "sex", and "methadone" with signs like "shopping center" and "rain". Ultimately, this program will prove most useful to those in a church setting.

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