ASL Grammatical Aspects Course Review

Video Review:

ASL Grammatical Aspects Course

Review by Margaret Klotz

ASL Grammatical Aspects Course
Produced by Sign Enhancers
VHS 60 minutes, CD-ROM, & booklet

ASL Grammatical Aspects Course is a 20-hour course curriculum for interpreters, future educators and anyone who is interested in the differences between American Sign Language and Pidgin Signed English. The materials include a course booklet, a CD-ROM and a videotape. The materials are well suited for professional development material, a course curriculum for an educational institution or community education program, or a curriculum for independent study. The grammatical features of ASL are explained, demonstrated and compared with PSE-version interpretations. The 10 Modules include: Topic/Comment, Yes-No Questions, Comparatives, Rhetorical Questions, Directional Verbs, Space Features, Negation, Classifiers, Conditionals, and Time Sequencing. Each module subset is supplemented in the workbook with a complete lesson plan covering objectives via activities designed to enhance optimal learning potential. All lesson plans indicate how long the activity will take.

Upon completion of the ASL Grammatical Aspects Course, the student should have a clear understanding of ASL and PSE, and be able to clearly define the differences. This material provides the linguistic background needed for the everyday work of an interpreter or future educator.

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