ASL in Motion presents: American Sign Language Dictionary Review

ASL in Motion presents:
American Sign Language Dictionary

Video Review
by Kathleen Kelly MacMillan,
Maryland School for the Deaf

© 2003

ASL in Motion presents: American Sign Language Dictionary
Produced by ASL in Motion, 2003
DVD, 40 minutes, ASL, on-screen text

Available through:
ASL in Motion
PO Box 2088
Carmichael CA 95608
$18.99 plus s/h.

This is the ASL Dictionary we've been waiting for!  ASL in Motion has created a straightforward, easy-to-use DVD that offers introductory vocabulary for beginning signers, and a valuable reference for more advanced signers.  The set-up is effectively simple; the menu offers a choice of 22 categories of signs, ranging from the manual alphabet to numbers to more advanced areas such as transportation signs, occupation signs, and emotion signs.  Once the user selects a category, a signer is shown demonstrating 20-30 signs that fit that category.  Both the categories themselves and the signs within each category are arranged logically with the easiest material appearing first.  An English gloss of the sign, along with a picture where appropriate, is shown as well, further clarifying concepts.  On-screen graphics are used very effectively; for example, the "family signs" section uses an on-screen family tree to clarify the relationships being shown.  Four signers of varied races and genders are shown, and their sign production is slow and clear without being exaggerated.  With a total of 718 signs, this DVD is an extremely valuable resource for any student of ASL.

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