A Tribute to Art Kruger Review

A Tribute to Art Kruger

Video Review 
by Richard L. Cohen, M.S.
Nationally Certified Deaf Interpreter
American Sign Language Instructor

© 2002

The Last Interview with Art
Published by the American Athletic Association of the Deaf (AAAD),
now called the USA Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF)
VHS 38 minutes, ASL only
Overall rating: A+. Recommended for a wide variety of ASL audiences.

If there was ever a video that could be enjoyed or utilized by Deaf history buffs, Deaf sports aficionados, ASL students, working interpreters, and, especially, grassroots Deaf people, this film fits the bill. We should be eternally grateful to AAAD for making this interview possible in the nick of time, as Art Kruger passed away a mere 9 days later.

One will appreciate that Art's contribution to Deaf sports is legendary, perhaps be motivated to seek out more information from Deaf history books, and realize that this video interview brings life to dry historical facts. Much of the interview is typical Deaf culture, high context, hence, if not a Deaf sports aficionado, one may eagerly seek more information in order to understand more fully. Budding interpreters will realize the importance of being prepared by doing some background research before attempting to interpret material they are not familiar with. But, make no mistake, this video is tremendously enlightening by itself, even to those who abhor Deaf sports.

Missing from the Deaf History books, but vividly alive in the memories of many grassroots Deaf people, are the very important social aspects of Deaf sports among adults at a national level. Art talks about all this, and much more, making one aware that it was infinitely more difficult in the past to organize events on a national scale. After viewing this video, Art Kruger will likely be your new Deaf hero.

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