Baby See 'N Sign Review

Baby See 'N Sign

Video Review
by Kathleen Kelly MacMillan,
Maryland School for the Deaf

© 2003

Baby See 'N Sign: Object-Word Association, Volume 1
Produced by Kronz Kids Productions 1992
VHS 45 min, ISBN: 0-971-3663-0-6, $14.99

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AV Cafe

[Preschool]  This excellent video, designed for use with babies ages six months and older, not only introduces basic signs, but presents them in context and gives parents a wealth of information on how and why to use sign language with babies. An introduction by Johanna Larson-Muhr, a hearing daughter of deaf parents and sign language instructor at the University of Oregon, emphasizes babies' ability to sign before they can speak, as well as the value of teaching children a second language. The bulk of the video, however, features the American Sign Language vocabulary itself. Each concept is presented first with a visual of the object and English vocabulary on-screen and in voice-over. Then Larson-Muhr is shown performing the sign. This sequence is then repeated, with the sign shown once in slow-motion and once again at normal speed, and two different depictions of the object in question. Each concept is shown a total of six times, offering ample repetition for learners. All of the signs depicted are developmentally appropriate and represent objects in a baby's world, and are divided into thematic sections such as "Let's Get Dressed" and "Down on the Farm." The graphics are bright, clear, and appealing to babies, and Larson-Muhr is a pleasant and knowledgeable instructor, presenting the signs clearly and giving parents plenty of guidance on using them. A parent's guide at the end of the tape offers additional information about how sign language enhances language development for all children. A top-notch production that belongs on every public library shelf.

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