Beginning American Sign Language Video Course Review

Video Review:

Beginning American Sign Language Video Course

Review by Margaret Klotz

Beginning American Sign Language Video Course
with Billy Seago, Jer Loudenback, Jan Reece, Anna Musick, Scott Pfaf
Produced by Sign Enhancers
ASL, voice-over, closed captions

The beginning American Sign Language Video Course is a comprehensive curriculum designed for an American Sign Language class in middle school, high school, and community education courses. The entire set includes five major components: an Instructors guide, a Student Workbook, 15 beginning ASL Video Course Videotapes, an Activities ASL tape, and an Assessment Videotape.

Each lesson begins with a pretest and clearly stated lesson objectives. Key vocabulary is presented, followed by a topic-related vignette by the Bravo family and friends. A multitude of activities and practice is provided to reinforce both new and previously learned vocabulary. Quizzes and post-tests provide an accurate measure of the students' cultural and grammatical understanding, as well as expressive and receptive skills. This video course accounts for students' various needs, providing many different activities to meet different student learning styles. A wide variety of signers act as models, yet viewers enjoy consistency with the continuing characters of the Bravo family. Cultural and grammatical information are provided in conjunction with new vocabulary, increasing the students' total understanding of not only a new language, but a new community of people.

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