Conversational Sign Language Review

Ease Into Basic Signing With This Video

Video Review by Chris Wixtrom     © 2000

Conversational Sign Language
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"Talking in sign language? Well ... I'd like to give it a try, but I'm not very coordinated, and I failed foreign language in high school, and I only know one person who uses sign." Sorry, no excuses! This sign video is so easy on first-timers that you just can't lose.

With this one hour tape, you have a chance to learn the manual alphabet and to work on 90 simple sentences in sign language. Including a bit of religious signing and a lot of everyday conversational material, there is enough information here to get you started signing with your co-worker, ASL-using friend or new acquaintance. Take it slow and repeat signs as necessary - video rewind makes reviewing a breeze. C'mon! Could be fun, and your brain will thank you for the exercise.

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