Deaf Kids Can Do! Review

Deaf Kids Can Do!

Video Review by Chris Wixtrom     © 1999

We Can Do Anything, VHS, 5 minutes
Language Says It All, VHS, 23 minutes
Language Says It All, Part II: Once Upon A Time, 14 minutes

Produced by TRIPOD
(Now closed, formerly, Foothill/Selpa/TRIPOD Program, housed within the Burbank Unified School District)

We Can Do Anything is a five-minute "music video" featuring the voice of Celine Dion and the amazing feats of accomplished deaf children who dance, race, paint, play football, make music, ride horseback, demonstrate self-defense, sing, sign, swim, and perform in the gym. The kids reach out for their dreams and, in so doing, inspire us to try for ours. If you aren’t lifted up by this video, you must be glued down.

In Language Says It All, Part I, parents of deaf children talk openly about their reactions to the diagnosis of their children’s deafness. Fears about communication challenges, struggles about parenting abilities, and worries about the children’s future give way to hope and confidence after parents meet successful Deaf adults and catch a positive vision for their own children. Viewers see the development of communication skills within these families, as siblings, grandparents and friends learn to sign. Part II: Once Upon a Time, has a focus on the frustrations parents felt as they first attempted to read to their young deaf children. Eventual success is clearly seen as eager little deaf readers delight in story time with Mom and Dad.

These three tapes deliver dreams and hope for the future.

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