Deaf Video Communications

Deaf Video Communications:
Christian Library for the Deaf (DVC)

Video Review by Chris Wixtrom     © 1999

Deaf Video Communications: Christian Library for the Deaf (DVC)
25W560 Geneva Road Suite 10, Carol Stream, IL 60188-2231 USA
Phone: 630.221.0909 (v); 630.221.9093 (tty/fax)

Wow! This video library-by-mail really delivers! I was impressed with the nice nineteen-page catalog, which lists and describes signed Bible studies, children's programs, movies, skits, Joy of Signing lessons, videos re: marriage and family, missions, music, Promise Keepers, sermons, and Deaf convention workshops. I called in my order (six videos may be borrowed for up to six weeks), and within a few days, received a postcard listing the items which were on their way. Soon after, the videos arrived. With each video, there is a response card to send back with requests for more videos. Self-adhesive mailing labels are also included.  Some of the tapes are presented in ASL, others in English-like "contact sign."  Some feature signed presentations, others, interpreted material.  

If you enjoy sign language and are interested in religious subjects, this library is something to see!

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