The Finger Food Cafe Show Review

The Finger Food Cafe Show:
A Grand Opening

Video Review 
by Lacey K. H. Wood, M.A.
Deaf Educator, Early Childhood
Multiple Disabilities
Family-Centered Programming

© 2003

The Finger Food Cafe Show: A Grand Opening
by Deaf Missions (
VHS, 62 min, ASL, voice-over, open captions

An excellent video for deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing children and their families, this is the story of the opening of the "Finger Food Café,"a restaurant where people of all hearing abilities can gather to meet, greet, and eat! As the workers put the finishing touches on the restaurant to be ready in time for the upcoming grand opening event, catastrophe strikes. The staff begins to wonder what God's will is for the opening of their restaurant, but faithfully endures the worst of scenarios. In the midst of the struggles, hearing parents of a deaf child are brought closer to their little one and learn to accept him just the way he is, and a hearing father reveals his heart to his teenage deaf daughter. The grand opening celebration is full of special performances that will teach viewers Bible stories and God's provision, as well as stories of faithfulness to God and to each other.

The video is fully signed, and also has voicing and captioning. Children and adults will be entertained while learning valuable lessons from this well-scripted story. This video is sure to be an encouragement to hearing parents of deaf children who may feel that they have nothing to offer their "different" child.

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