Fingerspelling Practice Tapes Review

Fingerspelling Practice Tapes

Video Review by Chris Wixtrom     © 1999

Fingerspelling Practice Tapes:
     Geographic Locations
     Proper Names
     Fingerspelled Loan Signs
     Miscellaneous Items

VHS, 60 minutes per tape, Sign Media, Inc. $49.95 each.

Distributed by Sign Media, Inc.
4020 Blackburn Lane, Burtonsville, MD 20866-1167
Phone: 800.475.4756 (voice/tty)
; Fax: 301.421.0270
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"The fingerspelling seen in these tapes is very natural.   Students of ASL should practice with these tapes to improve their ability to catch fingerspelling from the front, side and back views."  This long-time ASL-user points out a problem common to people for whom ASL is a second language - the inability to read words which are not spelled straight-on.  Real life among signers demands more.   Try keeping up with a quick conversation between two signers on your right and left.  Or driving and glancing at words spelled by a left-handed passenger.  If you've struggled with fingerspelling (and most non-native signers certainly have!) you'll be thankful for the new perspective gained from these tapes.

Each of the four videos begins with exercises as seen by the person who is fingerspelling.  Next comes the "conversational perspective section," offering material from the tape's focus topic (Geographic Locations, Proper Names, Loan Signs, or Miscellaneous Items).  Signers of various ages and signing styles model sentences with fingerspelled words.  A "self-check" test wraps up the practice session.  These tapes are highly recommended.

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