Fire Safety Starts With You Review

Free ASL Video on Fire Safety

Video Review by Chris Wixtrom     © 2000

"Fire Safety Starts With You"
Produced by the Charlotte Fire Department Training Division and
Charlotte Regional Resource Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
(Producers: Bill Golden, John Rudisill, Randy Wally)
ASL Presenter: Larry Smolik
Voice Narrator: Mike Corrigan
Captioning by Southeaster Captioning Co., Winston-Salem, NC
Pro Bono services: Carolina Interpreting and Consulting Services
Dedicated to the memory of Cynthia Lopez and Yolanda Lopez

The presenter uses ASL to explain the basics of fire safety. With simple props, such as cords and a space heater, Mr. Smolik explains clearly in ASL exactly what causes most fires, how to prevent fires, what to do if your clothes are on fire (stop, drop and roll), and how to choose the right extension cords and heating equipment. He also explains the use of visual fire/smoke alarms which have strobe lights as well as audio alarms, and shows examples of alarms. There is an excellent voice-over narration, which is captioned. This video provides important information and should be made available to every ASL-user.

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