From a Gator Ride to the Dentist Office Review

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ASL Poet Cook's New Videos

Review by Mark Drolsbaugh

Reprinted with permission from:

DeafNation Newspaper

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If you have ever seen Peter Cook performing live on stage in front of a large audience, you no doubt are aware of the incredible magic he creates with his ASL poetry and storytelling.

You would also wonder if it would be possible for the internationally renowned Cook to capture that magic, bottle it, and present it in a fascinating video package. The answer to this question, to the delight of many of his fans, is an emphatic yes.

After years of touring the world with his inspiring and humorous routines, Cook has gone one step further and has produced two high-quality videotapes: "From a Gator Ride to the Dentist Office" and "United States of ASL Poetry." Each tape is vintage Peter Cook, a must-see for all of his fans and anyone who is interested in ASL entertainment.

"From a Gator Ride to the Dentist Office" (45 minutes long) is an enjoyable videotape for people of all ages and backgrounds. In addition to a captivating series of stories and vignettes, Cook includes some follow-along instructions on ASL (including lessons on facial expressions and gesturing) which makes this tape a must for ASL teachers and students.

"United States of ASL Poetry" (55 minutes long) is a mixture of Cook’s newest material and some of his greatest hits, including a special-effects enhanced version of his classic "Picture of a Thousand Hands" ASL poem. While the first tape includes instructional material, this one is full-steam ahead entertainment.

Both tapes are funny, fascinating and well-produced. They are versatile in that they can be enjoyed by people of varying ages and signing ability (although for the most part Cook is very visual and easily understood, there is also a voice interpreter for hearing viewers who are new to ASL). You can enjoy the tapes with your friends, share them with your family, or use them for educational purposes.

If you would like to order these tapes, the cost is $28 each, or $50 for both (add $3 per tape for shipping and handling). Send check or money order to:

P.C. Productions
1147 E. Broadway, PMB #401
Glendale, CA 91205

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