Gods Heroes Review

Moses: His Story in ASL

Video Review by Chris Wixtrom     © 1999

God's Heroes
VHS, 92 minutes,signed in ASL, with voice-over

Available from:
Deaf Missions, 21199 Greenview Road, Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503   712.322.5493 v/tty
E-mail: DeafMissions@deafmissions.com; URL: www.deafmissions.com

Egypt's Prince raises his staff in a 1998 animated feature (Prince of Egypt), a 1956 cinematic spectacular (The Ten Commandments), countless book adaptations, the original (check The Bible, Old Testament,) and - bet you've never seen this one - in ASL! That's right, American Sign Language. In 1987, Bob Alcorn (Deaf) powered up a mega-Moses-story with his bare hands.

In fact, this package marks a streak with five solid wins. After Moses, you can eyeball three friends keeping cool in a fire, see Abraham holding back the knife, find out how little brother, David, beat a big, ugly dude, and drop your jaw at Daniel, who won't dance with wolves, but relaxes with lions.

Three Deaf viewers have their say:

Davone, "Never seen anything like that before! Got more?"

Debby, "Adventure stories in ASL … Yes!"

and Mario, "I want this video!"

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