Improving Your Marriage Through Effective Communication Review

How to Communicate Love
and Stop Hurting People You Love

Video Review by Chris Wixtrom     © 1999

Improving Your Marriage Through Effective Communication
VHS, two tapes
with Rev. Arthur Craig

Available for loan only from: Deaf Video Communications: Christian Library for the Deaf (DVC)
25W560 Geneva Road Suite 10, Carol Stream, IL 60188-2231 USA, Phone: 630-221-0909 (v), 630-221-9093 (tty/fax)

This video lets you join several Deaf couples as they spend a Friday and Saturday together learning how to improve communication skills. Rev. Craig leads friendly, open-minded discussions and gives interesting, useful communication tips. The Deaf men and women tell about their own times of good and not-so-good communication. Rev. Craig shows how ways of talking can help people understand each other or just cause hurt feelings. (The sign used for "communication breakdown," in which one "C" hand literally falls down, clearly conveys the problem!) The program is divided into four sections, from 23 to 54 minutes each.

Sometimes the video gets a little silly, showing what a husband or wife is thinking about. But while these dramas make us laugh, they also give clear pictures of different kinds of communication. The signing and written on-screen tips are easy to read, the voice-over is well done, and the stories really bring the ideas "home." One Deaf reviewer stated that "The video has a Christian focus, but everyone - even people who are not at all religious - will learn something useful from this program." Viewers also said that the "tips" (communication techniques) would help men and women whether they were having problems in marriage or not. Even single persons could benefit from watching. After all, no matter what your situation, good communication skills are worth a lot!

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