Mom and Dad Your Deaf Child is OK! Review

Video Review:

Mom and Dad Your Deaf Child is OK!

Review by Margaret Klotz

Mom and Dad Your Deaf Child is OK!
by Flavia Frazier
VHS 45 minutes, $49.95
ASL, voice-over, closed captions

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Frazier's , "Mom and Dad, Your Deaf Child is OK!" is an eye-opening video addressing topics related to raising a Deaf child. Frazier, herself, is a Deaf parent of a Deaf child and has assembled a host of parents, educators and researchers to discuss such issues as: Acceptance, Communication, Language, and Education. Through vignettes, people of varied background relate their experience and knowledge, providing valuable insight to parents of a deaf child. The importance of language acquisition is emphasized throughout the video.

Parents of deaf children often have many unanswered questions. Most turn to their pediatrician or the medical community and are bombarded with different ways to "fix" their child. This video opens up a whole different view of having a deaf child, the view of deafness as a difference, not as a pathology. The six essential issues addressed are: "Concerns," "Cochlear Implant," "Which Language?" "Family Involvement," "No Time, Too Busy, Too Hard" and "Words of Advice." The informants in the video have all had personal involvement with Deaf individuals.

This video is of utmost importance for hearing parents and for professionals in the field of caring for and educating Deaf children. "Mom and Dad, Your Deaf Child is OK" is very informative of a viewpoint parents are often unaware exists. It can be used as a tool in making decisions about your child's well being. The video explains common concerns and empowers the parent to gain knowledge about issues. A must see!

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