Number Signs for Everyone Review

Number Signs for Everyone

Video Review by Chris Wixtrom     © 1999

Number Signs for Everyone: Numbering in American Sign Language, by Cinnie MacDougall
VHS, 90 minutes, ASL, closed-captioned, voice-over, $39.95

Note: A book "organized to compliment the video" is also available, titled
Numbering in American Sign Language: Number Signs for Everyone, 112 pages, $19.95

Available from:
Dawn Sign Press
6130 Nancy Ridge Drive, San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 800.549.5350 v/tty (M-F 8 am - 4 pm Pacific Time.)
Fax: 858.625.2336 (24 hr)

Number Signs for Everyone, a video by Cinnie MacDougall, generously provides a huge quantity of bite-sized lesson-bits, like manna from heaven. ASL students can easily pick up new signs and fully satisfy their appetite for learning. Finding number-related information seems suddenly simple. Everything's here: signs for basic counting, computer terms, currency and banking concepts, decimals, fractions, mathematical operations, measurements, metrics, sports-related numbers, time increments, and useful tips such as how to sign "4x4"; (used to describe four-wheel-drive vehicles) and "... my treat" (for lunch). The three models sign clearly and naturally. Non-manual signals (facial expressions carrying grammatical information) and sensible sentences put the numerical signs into perspective. Adaptations of basic signs are given for making comparisons, providing emphasis, or giving "best-estimate" numbers. Speaking of estimates, I’d hazard a guess that 99% of viewers would rate this teaching tape as "almost perfect!"

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