Pursuit of ASL Review

Video Review:

Pursuit of ASL

Review by LindaLee Massoud

Pursuit of ASL: Interesting Facts Using Classifiers
Author/Presentor: Angel Petrone Straitiy
VHS 60 minutes, $29.95
ASL.  No voice-over.

Distributed by:
Interpreting Consolidated
P.O. Box 203, Main P.O., Edmonton, Alberta  TSJ 2J1  Canada
Phone/FAX: 780.488.8698
URL: www.aslinterpreting.com 

Where was this tape when I was struggling to learn ASL and classifiers?! What a wonderful video! Ms. Straitiy’s interest in science topics is obvious, and she does a tremendous job of describing a variety of facts in clear, succinct ASL. By the nature of the topics chosen, she uses many classifiers for explanatory and descriptive purposes. Each of the 35 topics lasts for only 1-2 minutes, but the information presented in that short span of time is amazing. The video would be perfect for Deaf students in science class, of course, but would be just as beneficial for students learning ASL. There are several instructional screens at the beginning of the tape that offer suggestions on how ASL students can use the videotape to improve their skills. It would be valuable for students in their 3rd-5th semesters of ASL training.

Suggestion: The author recommends that viewers look up words in a science book. However, if a script were provided with the videotape, it would be a major advantage for the learner.

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