Signing Treasures Review

Video Review:

Signing Treasures

Review by Margaret Klotz

Signing Treasures
Excerpts from Signing Naturally videos
VHS 50 minutes

Available from:
Dawn Sign Press
6130 Nancy Ridge Drive, San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 800.549.5350 (M-F 8am-4pm Pacific Time).
Fax: 858.625.2336 (24 hr)

Culture is transmitted via the language of a particular people. Signing Treasures allows an opportunity to see some of the Deaf Community's skits, jokes, stories, folklore and poetry. This collection consists of excerpts from the Signing Naturally course. Signing Treasures is of interest to sign language teachers, experienced students and Deaf individuals. The signing is clear and there is no voice over. Clips are clearly titled, allowing for ease of tape searching. Each clip has a different grammatical focus for reinforcing specific structures. Many of the short clips are directly related to Deaf culture and are very entertaining. This videotape is not for use alone by a beginning signer. However, it may be an indispensable tool for a sign language teacher or experienced student. Even if you are not using the Signing Naturally curriculum, this video could be a good supplement for cultural information in your course. It could also be of use in a Deaf classroom.


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