Talking Hands Review

Talking Hands

Video Review 
by Lacey K. H. Wood, M.A.
Deaf Educator, Early Childhood
Multiple Disabilities
Family-Centered Programming

© 2003

Talking Hands
by Small Fry Productions (
VHS 45 min, ASL, voice-over

This videotape is great for helping the little ones in your life to learn sign language! It presents, in perfect pacing for the young child, basic signs for people, actions and things with which children are very familiar. Its simple, colorful, visually-stimulating presentation of signs paired with spoken and written (printed) English words such as "mother," "father," "baby," "girl," and "boy," as well as concepts such as manners, "love," "eat," and "play," makes it both entertaining and educational for the young child. Beyond presenting single signs, the words and signs are also presented within various visual and spoken sentence contexts, helping children to master not only the signs and words, but also the meanings behind them. Perhaps one of the greatest qualities of the videotape is the fact that it incorporates children and adults from a variety of cultural backgrounds, as well as children with disabilities. Children can see other children just like themselves signing and interacting with others using signs. I would recommend this video to parents of deaf or hearing children, as well as to those parents whose children are not yet using spoken language, or who may have delay in developing spoken language. The use of sign language has been proven to minimize frustration in communication for children who are not yet clear speakers, and also for those who have difficulty acquiring language through their ears.

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