The Deaf Can Be Strong Review

Believe, Read, Achieve

Video Review by Chris Wixtrom     © 1999

The Deaf Can Be Strong
VHS, 31 min., ASL with voice-over

Distributed by Silent Word Ministries
P.O. Box 889, Trenton, GA 30752
(706) 657-8000 (v/tty)

No question, Ronnie Rice can preach. Matter of fact, he can PREACH! Never mind that he is directing his message to young deaf children at the Bill Rice Ranch. His dramatic, uninhibited presentation will capture your attention. Religious or not, deaf or hearing - you'll be hit with something between the eyes. Never mind that Rice makes his point, and then makes his point, and then makes his point again. You'll not get bored! Whether using energetic verse-by-verse signing to punch out Bible pictures, or pushing the ASL role-play envelope to the extreme with mini-skits of moral dilemmas, this deaf preacher COMMUNICATES!

In his video, The Deaf Can Be Strong, he tells the deaf youth to take home what they've learned, change their lives, and make an impact on their own parents (many of whom are hearing). He warns the young people not to waste their lives in rebellion against rules and hard work. Instead, they should read, and read, and read for inspiration and then look for ways to do something positive. His confidence in one belief comes across clearly: God will give strength to each person to make right choices and make a difference in this world. This empowering message bears repetition.

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