Songs, Signs and Stories for Vacation Bible School Review

Songs, Signs and Stories 
for Vacation Bible School

Video Review 
by Kathleen Kelly MacMillan

© 2001

Songs, Signs and Stories for Vacation Bible School
VHS, 101 minutes

Available from:

Multi-Media Evangelism, Inc., 1335 S. Providence Road, Richmond, VA 23236

This production is designed for members of the Southern Baptist Convention to teach religious information to hearing children using basic sign language. The video is divided into 5 segments, one for each day. The first part of each day's lesson features Jenny and Jerry Jones, missionaries who teach a verse of a song in Signed English. The second part for each day shows Jenny Jones again, teaching a Bible verse in Signed English. The third, and by far the most effective, part of each lesson, features Vesta Bice, a CODA, telling a Bible story in ASL with English voiceover. Bice also uses flannelboards to help tell the story.

While the segments showing the stories may give children a glimpse of ASL, it is entirely without benefit of context. Other than saying that sign language is "how deaf people speak with their hands", there is no attempt to introduce sign language in the context of culture. Rather, it is used here to add an element of interest to traditional Bible school curriculum. Reproducible Bible verse certificate and Scripture cards are included.

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