You Think Deaf People Have Problems? Review

You Think Deaf People Have Problems?

Video Review 
by Joyce Lehrer
Disability Services Coordinator
Howard County, Maryland

© 2003

You Think Deaf People Have Problems?
by Angela Petrone Stratiy, 1999
VHS, 90 minutes, ASL, voice over

This video examines hearing behavior from a Deaf person's view.  The video once again reminds us there is always another perspective on how to view the world.  Angela Stratiy presents a variety of skits about hearing behavior.  For example, she demonstrates how hearing people become oblivious to the rest of the world when talking on the phone, hearing reactions to sound impacted by the time of day rather than the sound, and hearing people's difficulty using gestures or just making eye contact.  It was eye opening to learn what hearing culture looks like to a Deaf person.  Segments of this video could be used to demonstrate to a Deaf Issues class that cultural norms are in the eyes of the beholder.  For a more general audience it is an opportunity to have the mirror held up if you are hearing and from a Deaf perspective it is an opportunity to have a few chuckles because the culture that is being examined is the dominant culture.  I highly recommend this video.

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