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September 22, 2013

Learn English & improve reading with ASL!

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EnglishByEye: Our Vision

Just as English is a worldwide lingua franca, American Sign Language (ASL) serves to connect people in signing communities. Offering English instruction with ASL and photos, as well as voice-overs for hearing learners, EnglishByEye videos provide a unique and effective path to reading and language development.

The EnglishByEye project host, ASL Access, was founded in 1997 as a charitable nonprofit organization, promoting sign language accessibility. Although ASL Access has been operated by volunteers for 16 years, it is hoped that funding will be found to create a professional team for further development of EnglishByEye as a global reading initiative beneficial to hearing and Deaf English-language learners.

Could your company or organization help sponsor EnglishByEye?

The EnglishByEye project lets learners “read the world”. Designed for Deaf and hearing English-language learners, EnglishByEye videos combine text, images, American Sign Language (ASL), and voice-overs. Learners easily absorb colloquial and academic vocabulary, multiple-meaning words, idioms, and figurative language. Scenes such as shopping, taking a pet to the vet, and getting gas for the car offer comprehensible context. English is everywhere - on ads, bumper stickers, menus, road signs, T-shirts, store displays, and packaging. EnglishByEye videos bring attention to “environmental print” and enliven the reading experience for English-language learners.

In the video, “Building a Computer”, learners quickly grasp grammatical features (passive voice), acronyms like “DIY” and vocabulary such as “protective shipping material”, “assemble”, and “internal components”. In the video, “Containers”, the learner thinks anew about “organizing” the home and office and looks forward to “adventures”. In the videos about “Fishing” and “Containers”, English-language learners come to understand the difference between various types of “hooks”. Also in “Containers”, learners uncover how a gift card can “cover” things bought by the recipient. Idioms such as “Are you a happy camper?”, “hooked on organization” and “contain yourself” are illuminated. Enriched language takes readers beyond the basics to the whimsical and allegorical.

The charitable EnglishByEye project benefits English-language learners worldwide. The host, ASL Access (aslaccess.org), is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization (EIN 54-1887224) founded in 1997 and renowned for placing over 5,600 ASL videos (1998-2005) in libraries, nationwide. Imagine how language associated with your products and services could teach English, the world’s lingua franca. Consider funding EnglishByEye videos. It’s win-win!

January 30, 2013

What happened?

More than 5,600 ASL videos were put on library shelves all around the U.S. Thanks to ASL Access, each of 28 libraries had a collection of over 200 ASL videos. The ASL videos were extremely popular, and the project was a huge success!

The ASL Access Video Collection project ended in 2005 - due to the fact that VHS became obsolete - and most of the original ASL videos have been removed. So …

What now?

Ask your library staff to get new ASL videos!

Donations to ASL Access bring more ASL video accessibility and promotes the production of ASL videos. Donate now!

Learn English with ASL!

ASL Access is hosting (supporting) a separate website with all kinds of fun English-learning opportunities!

More updates will be going live in the coming weeks, and look for our soon-to-be-launched project.

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October 22, 2005

Online donations under construction. Coming soon!

August 30, 2005

New site launched! The new version of the site is now live, with updated information and a whole new look.

You can find an ASL Access Video Collection (with over 200 ASL videos available for loan) in 28 locations, nationwide, in 14 states and the District of Columbia (Current Locations).